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Elementary School  (Pre K-8)

St. George Elementary School is committed to academic excellence with special concern for its student’s religious education and moral development. 

St. George Elementary School endeavors

to offer a varied curriculum that will produce students well-versed in the arts and sciences, capable of facing the complex challenges of today and tomorrow;

to provide for a healthy, joy-filled atmosphere which will stimulate critical thinking, foster a spirit of inquiry and promote a creative attitude;

*  to create a supportive environment characterized by attention to the growth of each individual spiritually, morally, intellectually, socially, physically, aesthetically and culturally;

*  to strengthen their faith so that it will become living, conscious and active;

The experiences and knowledge young children bring to school, combined with their natural curiosity, are the foundations for learning in the primary and elementary grades. Our program is designed to help develop children's potentials.  The emphasis is on learning experiences which help children make connections between existing knowledge and new skills and information. 

Our curriculum is approved by the NY State Board of Regents.  All subject area outcomes are clearly defined, but learning is linked across these subject area boundaries.  Classroom experiences are designed to be mutually reinforcing.  In this manner, children see the connections between skills learned and their importance in real life.

Journey with us at St. George Elementary School… where learning is just the beginning.